In 2017, I decided while sitting in my living room that working in the corporate world was no longer rewarding and I wanted to be free. Free to be ME. One would call me a "Fashionista" who can't say NO to shoes, clothes and a GREAT SALE!

I'm inspired by my daughter, Katelyn Imani. She is my heartbeat and heartburn. God blessed me to guide her and her to teach me. She has taught me that no matter the circumstance, we should aim high for our GOALS and DREAMS. Her dream is to be a world known Model. The thing is, she has a form of autism which she battles with everyday. I've instilled in her that you have a handicap, the handicap does not have you. Push for your dreams, aim high and no matter how many "NO's" you receive, keep thriving until someone says "YES" or until you create your own YES! Which is how Posh by Imani came to be.

I hope you all enjoy your shopping experience and fabulous threads as you venture on this journey with Katelyn & I.
Peace & Blessings,

POSH by Imani, Inc.